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Since 1995, we handle your air and ocean shipments, we are your customs house broker.


After a long period of absorption and concentration in major European freight forwarder groups,  it is necessary to redevelop qualities of flexibility and responsiveness to meet immediate exporters and importers needs.

NADINTER was created to give the concept of service value in our profession of freight, place again at the center of our priorities the exporter, importer, which needs to be the best on the international stage.
Our global network is deliberately independent, linking Europe with all the continents.
Nadinter organize your feeds remotely triangular, Asia / Africa, America / Africa ...
Nadinter in each country chooses the best national freight forwarders.
In distant countries, where our representative takes care of your cargo, nothing better than a freight forwarder who knows his country and his administrations !
NADINTER it is also possible for you to improve your organization.
Determination of transport modes according to constraints :



- Cost, Time, Quality
- Environment, Safety, Security
- Logistics alternatives.
Nadinter, birth date June 1995, IATA and AEO certified, Intercontinental multimodal forwarding agent, french agreed custom house broker for all airports and seaports, free or bounded warehouse, Worldwide network (SACIT).



  Head office
  12, rue du chapitre - BP 15542
  95709 Roissy CDG Cedex - France




Opening offices in PARIS CDG airport (the first French international hub)
Telspace Alcatel, Daewoo and Pechiney are the first customers who trust the quality and reactivity of NADINTER.
Start of activity with the Paris Roissy Airport and the ports of Le Havre, Marseille, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Hamburg.


Development with several groups in the textile industry, public works, electronics, computers and aerospace.
First scheduled air transport Asia / Europe, same day door to door, starting the concept of "flash".
On intercontinental service : pick-up, customs formalities, documentation, delivery at destination shall be made within the same day.


Development of flash "same day service " France to USA and Canada (East Coast)
the Flash could be available with anticipation or in immediate service.


Start of activity with various state departments.
First airfreights in the automotive industry: automotive spare parts, concept cars, tests for prototype vehicles.
Development of our activities in the health sector.


National accreditation of customs house broker.


IATA certification (including dangerous goods).


Start of activity with the port of Montoir de Bretagne.


Development of activities with luxury and “haute couture” industries.


AEO certification (Agreed Economic Operator).


Regular Service Flash with Tunisia (import and export).


Urgent air transport during international tours (Shakira, Lenny Kravitz ...),
Transport and logistics for the renovation of upscale hotels in the Caribbean.


The profession of international forwarding agent (forwarding agents and Customs house broker), a major player in Overseas in the world, requires a lot of common sense, a professionalism and good resistance to stress.
Our recipe is exactly the opposite of integrators.
With us, it is obvious to understand and act immediately to ensure the smooth delivery of your packages.
The staff at NADINTER, they are women and men who love their job.
They are true conductors between the customs, airlines, ocean shipping companies, warehouses, packers and transporters.
That’s all ! Quickly and without waste of time!
A Nadinter’s employee has a global control of his files, he anticipates each task to avoid unnecessary blocking.
Competence, confidence, intelligence, loyalty are real values ​​that we share with our customers.
After high school specialized in international transportation or logistics, a few years of pure Nadinter’s spirit is needed for our employees to organize and follow the transportation plan of your cargo.
Whatever continent you are working with each of our agents in the world, you will find the same dynamic, the same professionalism.
Same recipe, same passion for the job!


Key figures

Nadinter your personal forwarder ! The power of 150 airlines and shipping lines to connect Europe worldwide.

From Roissy CDG:

Over 300 direct daily flights, a real potential, much more than integrators ! 

Some destinations – minimum daily flights :

New York : 15 Shanghai : 3  Delhi : 2
Los Angeles : 3 Hong Kong : 6 Mexico : 3
Montreal : 5 Guangzhou : 2 Sao Paulo : 3
Toronto : 2 Beijing : 2 Douala : 2
Tokyo : 5 Tunis : 4 Beirut : 4
Seoul : 2 Casablanca : 5 Dubai : 3

From Le Havre, Marseille, Montoir or Dunkerque :

500 ocean vessels call french Harbours weekly. Shipping with NADOCEAN, a direct link with main containers and breakbulk carriers.

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